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Karolina Laskowska © Tigz Rice Studios 2017.
Karolina Laskowska © Tigz Rice Studios 2017.

Artistically and entrepreneurially, Karolina was a precocious talent, having established her jewellery business at 15. By 19, the world of lingerie had called her, and she channeled her energy and inspiration into learning her craft and starting the world-renowned Contour Fashion Degree. She achieved a first class honours degree and showed her final corset collection at London Graduate Fashion Week.  Karolina’s skills are rooted to her in depth knowledge of the fascinating tradition of fine, detailed work in the history of lingerie. Her passion for vintage pieces has resulted in honing her skills in couture-level lingerie construction. Lingerie is intrinsically linked to its materials like no other area of fashion, and thus you will see her focus on exquisite lace, beaded embroidery, fine silks and unconventional approaches such as vintage kimono silk or laser-cut leather. Karolina founded her eponymous lingerie line in 2012, choosing to retire it in 2017 to focus on projects outside the limited sphere of ready-to-wear fashion.

For the true creative, one artistic outpouring is simply not enough, and so you view can her in depth lingerie writing on her blog Knickerbocker Stories. Her archive of technical product reviews and ongoing pieces on lingerie issues can be found on the world’s most popular lingerie blog, The Lingerie Addict. In late 2016, Karolina founded the first online museum dedicated to lingerie history and design: The Underpinnings Museum.

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